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The end of the year is drawing near. My Christmas Cacti are blooming and the FCB has already had its December concert, but you sure wouldn't know it by what is going on in the great outdoors. The grass is still green, my scallions look like they do in early Spring, and we've yet to have the parking lot at work plowed. We hadn't signed a contract with the plowing company when the only snowstorm covered the parking lot with a few inches of that white stuff. Two days later the temperature was back in the 40s and it all went away. I hope we didn't throw away the money but other that, a warm Winter is fine by me.

Last night the Black Sheep Knitting Guild held its December meeting. The speaker was one of our members who told us about the process to becoming certified as a Master Knitter. She said she learned a lot as she earned her mastery, but the process sounds unpleasant and arduous to me. I really dislike knitting swatches and I don't always react well to criticism particularly when it was on something I was trying hard to do correctly. I will give the matter more thought but I am not planning to pursue a mastery any time soon.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
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