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Project 52

The work week was, unsurprisingly, filled with work and then after work the usual mix of knitting, crochet, Ingress, and laundry. I also spent a good chunk of time beta reading and discussing a story that is part of this year's Secret Mutant Exchange.

The weekend was busy, with the first TubaChristmas concert of the season. The concert was good and, as there is a craft fair in the Greenhouse at the same time, I had a lovely time browsing and talking with several fiber artists. I was also delighted to discover the greenhouse has a resident cat. I think this was my fourth TubaChristmas at the greenhouse until I saw her I didn't know one lived there. Immediately after the concert was not as enjoyable as due to a combination of stumbling over my still dropping left foot and the slushy muddy parking lot, I fell
down and rolled. When I got to my feet I was sopping wet from shoulder to boot on the left side of my body. I took off my hoodie, folded the muddy half to the inside, and then sat on that during the ride home so that the muddy water wouldn't transfer from my jeans to the car seat. Good thing the heater in the car works well.

My clothes went into the washing machine just as soon as we got home, and I got into the shower as I wasn't convinced my hair survived the encounter with the parking lot without getting splashed. When both I and my hoodie were clean & dry we went over to Trader Joes to pick up munchies for our friend Darby's birthday party and then headed over. I had been dreading climbing the porch stairs to their front door but I got up the stairs without incident. It was reaching for the doorknob that did me in -- the front porch was icy and my feet slid out from under me. At least the porch was free of mud and slush. I wasn't in bad shape once I pulled myself to my feet so in we went and enjoyed the party.

I should also say that the great outdoors was as beautiful as it was treacherous. We had around six inches of snow of the type that forms a thick blanket over everything. It was pretty as a postcard and I wished I had my good camera with me, not just the camera on my tablet and cellphone.

By Sunday much of the snow was already gone. We slept in, did stuff around the house, and then drove over to Canton for a different friend's birthday party. jebra took a photo of David with his cake but I haven't even seen it yet. I'd have taken one myself but I was seated right next to him and there was no way I could make the shot.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty much a repeat of Thursday and Friday: work, Ingress, crochet, proof reading.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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