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Project 52

This was a fairly quiet week, other than celebrating a combination of Thanksgiving and Halloween with our friends. We typically have our Thanksgiving celebration closer to the traditional day however this year we've all been so busy this was the first time our calendars aligned, and thus the date was set months ago. It worked well and the food was, of course, delicious. And having to get up from the dinner table a handful of times to answer the door and hand out candy was not a hardship. Especially for the guests, since it was our hostess who did.

In building news, garage construction is done! Alas, the project is not as our builder does not do electrical and they left our nice paving stone walkway a complete mess. It had to be taken apart in order to dig the footings but I was hoping they'd put it back the way they found it. So now I have calls out to landscape firms and electrical contractors trying to find someone to finish up the project. Getting contractors to call me back does not seem to be in my skill set. Oh well, I'll try again later today.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
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