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Project 52

I spent most of the week getting ready for our trip down to Elkhart, Indiana. We took Friday off from work so that we could hit the road early, but this plan utterly failed. [profile] jebra woke us up later than expected, then when we did packed into the car, we drove over to the local park to charge our portals before leaving town. The car stalled and then refused to restart. [profile] jebra knew he'd been running low on fuel the night before so we hoped we'd merely run out of gas. He walked the half mile to the gas station and returned with a can of gas. The car still refused to start, so we called AAA and arranged to have the car towed to our mechanics' shop. Then we had to debate getting the other car from work (the one that had just been in and hadn't been road tested yet) or renting a car. I swore if our other car then broke down on the trip I was never leaving home again, so he wisely decided to rent. Between getting the car towed and getting a rental, we didn't leave the house until 4:30 and I already had to add a stop at the local knit shop as I didn't have the correct sized circular needle for my next project. That added only a few minutes and was far less stressful than [profile] jebra's sudden realization that his tablet was missing. He eventually located it, tucked into a part of the rental's console that doesn't exist on our own cars, but we were both worried that it was still in the tow truck or back at Master Auto.

The reason for our trip was to see our friends Ann & Gary, and to watch their son Danny perform in a marching band competition. On the scrapbook page, the gold arrows point him out. Their theme had something to do with cellphones and featured a guest violinist. I thought they performed brilliantly but you wouldn't know it from the scoring. Ann tells me that the judges at this particular competition are biased toward the historically good bands and pay little heed to how they are performing at present. I'll admit to favoring Danny's band just because he's in it, but I was seriously underwhelmed by some of the other shows. I also noticed that how much I like any particular band had more to do with their selection of music than their marching or dance skills.

We returned home on Sunday, just in time for coffee and desert with another pair of good friends, who had returned to Michigan to celebrate the wife's birthday. We had a lovely visit, then it was time to go home, unpack, and reassure the cats that we are still alive and there to take care of them.

Monday night found me exhausted and in an odd-for-me state of mind. I didn't even want to knit, instead I sat on the couch with the tv on and poked around on pinterest until my hair was dry and I could go to bed without fear of waking up to it hopelessly matted.

Yesterday I went over to the hospital for my annual mammogram and, this year, a bone density test. No telling how either one of those went but they didn't keep me so early indications are that nothing serious is amiss. I got to return to the hospital this morning for an ultrasound because Dr. LaBan suspects I have a torn Achilles Tendon. It would figure -- I'm walking more and trying to recover from the dropped foot, and probably in compensating from that the right side is working harder. So now I limp on *both* sides. I suspect I look like an overgrown two year old as I toddle from place to place.

ETA: The car needed a new fuel pump. The repair was finished Monday afternoon so [profile] jebra turned in the spiffy rental (a Chrysler 200) and picked up Chet, our burgundy Park Avenue (as opposed to the taupe/champagne one we call 'The Boat').

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

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