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Project 52

This was a quiet week, in part because I didn't really go anywhere other than to work during the week and to Gini's house on Saturday. I thought I would miss SEMGS but jebra decided to go up to his parents without me. Not only is he well aware that I find being away from home two weekends in a row extremely stressful, but it was also likely his folks would be frazzled as they got ready to close up the house and start their trek down to Florida for the winter months. So I got to stay home and watch tv and knit. And productive it was too, besides the cowl and house slippers shown on today's page, I also crocheted tiny tube socks for the feet of my desk (so that they don't scratch the wood floors when we move the desk around the living room) and a sisal soap sack for jebra. I also cast on a second cowl and bed socks.

The biggest adventure of the week took place last night on our way home from work -- I wanted to visit White Chapel Cemetery as a *ton* of Ingress portals and missions are located there, but when we drove up to the entrance we saw the gates were closed and a sign informing us that at this time of year the gates close at 5 pm. We continued toward home, driving by Troy Historic Village". I had a pretty good hunch that it too would be closed, but we wondered how many portals could hack from outside the gates so jebra drove around the corner to their parking lot. There was a single minivan parked there and when we got closer to the entrance I could see a sign stating that the village closes at 3:00. It was already well past 6 PM but I soon noticed a three or four small children running around inside the enclosure and we decided to sneak in. (Visitors are supposed to stop in at the gift shop but seeing as I never did figure out where the gift shop was, we didn't do that.) For the most part we stayed on the outside of the historic buildings -- I couldn't resist entering the log cabin (it smelled *so* good in there, of smoke from the fireplace and of drying herbs) -- and later, after we finished the mission and one the employees introduced herself, we entered the village church. Which is plain yet beautiful, and would make a great site for a wedding. Turns out the village's church and gazebo are popular for that purpose and are rented for that purpose almost every weekend.

In automotive-related news, the car was at the transmission shop last week had to go back. The entire car shudders when it switched from Park to Drive (or any other gear for that matter), so we dropped it off on the way to work on Monday. There is no sign of progress on the garage either. I wrote the big check (the one that covered demolition and ordering of lumber) two weeks ago but nothing has been delivered yet. I'm starting to grow concerned that snow will be here before the garage is up.

I think that's all the latest. As always, if you have questions, ask!

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
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