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RL Update

The garage is no longer a bare patch on the earth -- the concrete foundation was poured sometime in the past seven days.

Last night Jebra and I earned Silver SpecOps Medals for completing unique missions. That's unique in terms of the game (Ingress), not unique as in "different than everyone else." That's 25 missions, the next medal is at 100 missions so it will be a while until we see that one. But it got me out walking which is why I do the darn things (well that and they are often fun and interesting). Last night Walkroid said I walked two and a half miles which is not all that difficult for me after months of playing. The dropped foot/bad spine thing is still big problem. I stumble unexpectedly and I still haven't regained control of my toes. My back totally didn't love me last night, to the point I took double my usual nightly dose of tramadol and the level of pain was nothing compared to what I felt when I woke up this afternoon. Sleep continues to be a frenemy. During the work week I can't stay awake in the mid-afternoon and due to either other stuff going on or just general stupidity, I rarely get to bed before 2 am. Last night I was up until around a quarter to four which explains why I was still sound asleep when Jebra woke me up at 1:00.

Earlier this week we went to play a mission in Troy and paid our first visit to the Troy Nature Center. We were there at dusk and saw a small herd of deer plus one very shy raccoon. Before we reached the nature center I spotted a Blue Jay in flight and that made me happy too. It was the first one I've seen this year. Speaking of birds, I was surprised by one I didn't recognize when were picking up The Boat from the transmission shop. I was sitting in the other car, waiting for Jebra to reappear when I large bird flew across the street and right into a large green tree at a high rate of speed. The tree might have been some sort of arbor vitae — I knew it was an evergreen and didn't look like a pine — but whatever it was it was quite dense and I couldn't see the bird once it was in there. I figure there must have been a nest in the tress be nest as the bird flew back out a few moments later and this time I realized it was larger than a pigeon and had three dark stripes on its wings. It was moving so fast I couldn't say more than that. I couldn't process wing shape or the bird's profile and would say it must have been brown but if there were other colors mixed in I didn't notice them. That bird was moving.

In knitting news I'm still working on the purple Emmet County Shawl. I think it needs another set of repeats as it seems short, but I haven't figured out the math yet. I did find the missing email where I discussed this with the patterns author though, so working out what I need to do shouldn't be too tough.

This weekend I thought we'd be up north, but the foundation for Gary's headstone isn't ready yet and Jebra's parents weren't up for visitors. Considering how I'm feeling today, it's a relief to be home.

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