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Project 52

I didn't mention it on the tag, but the small insert is the garage foundation now with framing. Who knows, maybe it'll have been poured by the time we get home. Not that I would place any bets -- this has been a long, slow, and frustrating project.

The car, by the way, is better now. I'm still mad at it for (a) trying to kill me and (b) preventing me from seeing my friends at the knit shop over the weekend. I managed to coast to the breakdown lane without hitting anything and without anyone hitting me and, after my heart stopped trying to beat out of my chest, got it restart. I took the next exit and headed home, having it stall twice more on the way. We drove it to work yesterday (after topping off a few fluids) and had our coworker take a look. He discovered one of the hoses had ruptured, spraying coolant all over the engine and presumably leading to vapor lock and the car stalling. He replaced the part and it's running again. It is destined to go into the shop for a checkup and radiator flush, but first the other car has to come home from the transmission shop...

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
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