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Project 52

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

The highlight of the week was Xander's Christening and the ceremony that more-or-less completed jebra's duties as a minister. He'd already performed marriages, a recommitment ceremony and a funeral, but this was his first baptism. Combined with the baptism was a surprise 80th birthday party for Xander's great-grandfather, the gentleman holding Xander in the large photo on the right. (To give you the cast of characters, from left to right, Xander's mother's brother, his father, his great-grandpa, Xander himself, his mom, his mom's cousin, jebra, and Xander's great-grandmother.)

As for the rest of the week, it started with work, the continual chore of laundry, and many hours lost to looking at pictures of Vin Diesel and the cast of the Fast and Furious movies. Some (truthfully most) of it was for fun, but I was also searching for promising images to use as a base for maddiec24's birthday card. And wishing my brain would let me return to writing fiction.

Thursday night the Fifth Michigan Regiment Band performed at the Royal Oak Public Library
on the library lawn. It's a Civil War re-enactment type thing and not exactly my sort of music, but it was live music and that's a good thing. I spent the concert wandering around the civic plaza and playing Ingress, trying to boost my score.

Friday we had to leave early to pick up and load the truck for Saturday's FCB concert. Not that we had much hope that the band would be able to play as we were also keeping an eye on Weather Undergound and watching storms roll in. Dealing with the equipment also meant I had to miss my cousin's memorial service which was being held somewhere around an hour and a half from where I was. I was bummed and exhausted and fell asleep in the car while jebra did all the loading. Then it was off to the hardware store to do a bit of shopping, then finally home.

As feared, Saturdays' concert was cancelled on account of the weather. On the plus side, it meant I could catch up on some of my missing sleep. It was going on 4 pm when I finally woke up. We got dressed and went grocery shopping, played a tiny bit of Ingress, and I blocked the shawl I knit for my mom (third picture on the bottom row).

Sunday was the Christening and birthday party. After the party broke up jebra and I drove to Mt. Clemens to walk around and play Ingress. I made Level 9 while we were out playing and jebra tells me we walked around three miles. That's a long way for me and my bad back & knees.

Monday was work followed by taking jebra back to the high school (where we'd left the truck full of band gear) and then driving myself home to do more laundry and get some stuff off the DVR. The hard drive is nearly full so I watched a couple of episodes of Tiny Nation on fast forward and plain old deleted without watching the last two episodes of L&O:SVU. Presumably I'll be able to catch up on them in reruns. If not, oh well.

Last night was worked followed by a *tiny* bit of Ingress (just enough to keep me in the running for the next Sojourner Medal. Right now I'm at Bronze, with 22 as my highest days of consecutive play. I need 30 for Silver and 60 for Gold. Platinum is 180 days and Onyx is 360 days, I wonder if I'll ever get either of those. Gold seems difficult enough at the moment), followed by more laundry and moving computer files around. I forgot to mention it, but I've also spent the last few evenings sorting through my photographs and putting them in chronological order. I was around six months behind when I started, mostly because I've been having problems with my desktop machine and I wasn't able to actually see the photos on any other machine on our network).

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