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Project 52

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

Week 25 was another busy one. We had to leave work early last Thursday as the FCB was scheduled for a "Stars in the Park" concert. With storms coming, the outdoor location was changed to indoors at the Costick Center. I brought yarn and a crochet hook with me and knocked out another cat bed while the band did their thing (including set-up and tear-down, I don't crochet that fast). Then it was home to run a load of laundry and start packing for our trip to Elkhart.

We had hoped to get out the house early Friday morning but there was a problem at work that delayed our leaving for a couple of hours. On the way to Elkhart, we stopped at Happy Hearts Feline Rescue where I dropped off 18 cat beds and got a quick tour of their facility. They are some of the nicest rescue folks I've ever met and I was happy to be able to give them something they will use. We had also hoped to play Ingress on the way to the Elkhart but there just wasn't time. As it was, we arrived an hour and a half late but fortunately our shifts at the Elkhart Jazz Festival weren't due to start until later that afternoon.

Like last year, we were assigned to New Life Church (one of the indoor venues). We were on until 11 pm Friday, all day Saturday, and Sunday until the festival closed and the Production Office was mostly cleared out and cleaned up.

Of the various performances, my two favorites were The Bucky Pizzarelli and Ed Laub Duo and John Hasse's presentation of Frank Sinatra: The Voice. Hasse's an amazing guy: he's the
biographer of Duke Ellington, the creator of Jazz Appreciation Month, the founder of the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra, a Grammy-nominated writer on music, and an accomplished musician. He's also friendly and approachable.

We didn't hit the road until late afternoon and took US 12 home. It's a long slow drive, pleasant though and good for relaxing. We stopped in both Saline and Clinton to walk around for an hour and play Ingress. It felt good to be out moving around after sitting in the car for a few hours and I'm sure it did my blood sugar some good too. The production office believes in donuts, M&Ms, Snickers bars, and had all of them out all weekend long and I couldn't resist any of them.

Monday night the FCB was supposed to have an outreach concert but the performance was cancelled due to storms in the forecast. We were hit with two, one before the concert was supposed to start and another even bigger one after the concert would have been over. jebra was disappointed but better safe than sorry I think. And having him home meant we could go grocery shopping which was a very good thing.

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