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Project 52

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit The Best Is Yet To Come.
For more information about the designers and their work, see

This one may take some explanation. The first row is semi-obvious, I went to see Aida at the beautiful historic Baldwin Theatre, but rather than go with jebra, I went with my next door neighbor. I planned on offering her the tickets after finding someone to take them on facebook didn't work, but she talked me into going with her. I'm glad she did as it was an excellent performance and the costumes were stunning. This is the first time we've ever done anything socially and it seems there won't be many opportunities to do so in the future as she just took her medical Boards and she and her husband will be selling their house and moving to Illinois. The reason jebra didn't go was that he was in Chicago for the UofC reunion weekend. The reason her husband couldn't go was he was in Chicago on business.

The second and third rows primarily represent last Saturday. I got up at the crack of noon and got myself ready to leave the house as quickly as I could as Knit Club was happening from 10 am to 4 pm. I hung out with my fellow knitters until the end of club, then jumped back into my car and hustled over to Artisan Knitworks to shop for yarn. I'd been working on a silk shawl for my mom for several weeks but at Knit Club I dropped a stitch and things went hideously wrong when I tried to fix my mistake. First the dropped stitch ran down another three or four rows; I picked them back up but something wasn't right and it looked wrong when I turned the work and knit the next row. I intended to try again, fixing the error from the front, but when I got there and started to drop the errant row, another six or seven stitches slipped off my needles. I looked at the mess and decided that even if I was a third of the way through the pattern I'd frog the entire thing and start over with the silk and another yarn with the hope that would tame the slipperiness of the yarn. I thought I'd combine the silk with a single ply of merino, but Sandra suggested I use bamboo and helped me find a colorway that worked well with the multicolored silk and that I was excited to see combine with it. I started knitting with the the combination last night and it is going much better. The needles are larger (size 7 rather than 2), the stitches look great, and they aren't trying to escape. While at Artisan I met Larry's daughter (Larry & Sandra own the shop) and learned it was Larry's birthday. I had a slice of his cake and gave him a hug. The purple motorcycle stopped at a red light and demanded our attention. Not a one of us had ever seen a motorcycle with a front wheel like that before.

After leaving Artisan I drove over to Jean & Marshall's old house. They were living in their new house and renting the old one; one of the renters left a greasy pan on the stove and it ignited, sending a fireball through the house. The renters escaped the blaze but I'd estimate that more than half the house was destroyed by fire. Even though the fire was more than month ago the ruin still strongly smells of smoke. I was disappointed that my photo of the back of the house didn't turn out because from the backyard I could see into the second story and make out a bit of Ian's old room and the upstairs bath.

My next stop was Great Clips where I had my hair shorn for the summer, then home for a most enjoyable shower. I hate being itchy after a haircut.

I spent the rest of the day on the couch, working on cat beds for the animal rescue and watching I don't know what. I think it was the weekend before that I mainlined the most recent season of Call the Midwife so whatever I saw probably involved murder.

I got up at reasonable hour on Sunday (10 am) and started in on the laundry. I lost track of how many loads I did, but it took all day and when I was done everything was off the basement floor. When I wasn't attending to the washer and dryer I was either knitting or crocheting cat beds. I made four round trivet-like objects for jebra and felted them, plus finished another cat bed, before he got home. I never did see him as I gave up waiting when it got to be 2 am and Glympse revealed he was at least another half hour from home.

The last photo shows the roadwork going on in front of my house. The city is repairing its streets this summer and our neighborhood was one of the first to be worked. I'm rather glad it was done early as I worried that between garage reconstruction and the roadwork there'd be nowhere for us to put our cars.

As you might guess, getting up for work on Monday was not easy. I also didn't get to bed at a reasonable hour as I had to wait for jebra to come home from band practice and help me put the covers on our bed. I'm no longer strong enough to lift the mattress by myself.

Last night after work we went out for Thai, then I went to Knitting Guild, then home to watch the final episode of Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay. I thought the first two episodes were pretty good, but the final one seemed chaotic and just not very good. I think the writers were trying to show the killer's obsessions and his descent into madness, but I found it confusing and unconvincing. I also think he was a lot more manipulative than was portrayed.

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