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Automotive woes

The front passenger door on our good car has a non-operative locking mechanism and will no longer open. I'm just glad it failed when I wasn't sitting inside.

We took The Boat (the other car) in for servicing before [profile] jebra left for Anthrocon the week before last. When [profile] jebra returned from Anthrocon, the A/C had failed (again) and the engine sounded worse than it had before the trip. We took it back to the mechanics; this time the diagnosis was that the A/C needs a new compressor (they'd added dye along with the coolant) and discovered one of the motor mounts had come loose. We're holding off the compressor (they're darn expensive to replace) but had a new motor mount installed. The next night we ran errands in The Boat -- only to have it begin stalling at red lights. [profile] jebra hooked up his sensor thing but it the car wasn't reporting any error codes. So we returned to the car to the mechanics yesterday, explained the new behavior and lack of error codes, and suggested they take it for a test drive to see for themselves what it's doing. Today they called and said it was ready -- seems some sort of sensor in the engine had gone bad. So, on the way home from work we went to fetch it. I came home in Chet (the good car) while [profile] jebra paid the bill and picked up The Boat.

I had just started to unlock the house when I saw [profile] jebra pulling up to the curb. I was just going inside when he came running up and said "Come with me, something's really wrong." I had no idea what he was talking about -- all sorts of things crossed my mind -- he'd been on the phone and someone told him something disturbing about friends or family, he'd hit something and now there was damage to the underbelly of the car, something inside the car had been damaged while it was at the mechanics -- I really had no idea. So I followed him back down the driveway and was even more surprised when he stopped in front of the car I'd been driving. Some sort of clear fluid was pouring down the driveway and steam was escaping from under the hood. Neither of these things were happening during my drive home nor when I backed into our driveway. [profile] jebra looked under the hood and said it looks like one of the hoses has failed. He tried to call the mechanics shop, but they'd already closed for the day.

So now we get to call tomorrow morning when they reopen, and arrange for a tow as well.

I really like our mechanics and they've always taken great care of us, but at this point I think I'd like there to be at least a month or two between visits.

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