Mrs_Sweetpeach (mrs_sweetpeach) wrote,

Learning new stuff

Yesterday I leafed through Sandi Genovese's book Creative Scrapbooking: Over 300 Cutouts, Patterns & Ideas to Embellish & Enhance Your Treasured Memories. The book showcases Ellison die-cut products and is, therefore, of limited relevance to my needs. However, I found a trio of design ideas that weren't overly cutesy, and spent tonight trying to recreate one of them using gimp.

Not bad, particularly considering (a) I did the design freehand and (b) I had to learn how to add fill patterns in order to make the plaid and the white polka-dotted backgrounds. On the minus side, my version took seven hours to create. It sure hope that my speed with gimp improves. This taking hours and hours to do anything bites.
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