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CPAP Compliance

Boring to all of you, I know, but I got a call from my medical supply house and learned that my compliance was recorded at 72.9%. Seeing as I sleep with my machine every single night, this alarmed me. Turns out that compliance requires staying asleep for at least 4 hours -- and most nights I wake up, turn off the machine, and wander around the house for ten or fifteen minutes every three or four hours. Sometimes I need more meds, or to pee, or I'm trying to shake off a nightmare (I'm one of those lucky souls who will pick up a dream right where I left off if there isn't a big enough gap between sleeps).

The only good news is that my medical insurance only requires compliance at 70% to cover the cost of my machine & supplies.

In other (not very newsworthy) news, continues not to operate as promised. I appear to be trapped in one of the known bugs, wherein users complete their application, are told they qualify, return to the site and then are informed that they have not filled out the "do you smoke" part of the application. I don't smoke and have said so no less than three times, but I cannot get beyond this step. Calling's help line is of no use as the best they have done so far is apologize for how badly the software is failing and tell me to try again in four hours.

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