Mrs_Sweetpeach (mrs_sweetpeach) wrote,

Quick weekend recap

Friday night we went to Shakespeare in the Park (A Comedy of Errors: Gold Rush Style).

Saturday we went to The St. Andrew's Society of Detroit's 157th Highland Games. jebra and Margaret spent most of the time we were there hanging out in the beer tent, not drinking but listening to the bands. I, meanwhile, went wandering, hoping to find lots of interesting people to photograph. I didn't have much luck. I suspect the people with the look I was after were also hanging out in the beer tent. Oh well.

I did find what appears to be a community garden and some very pretty flowers. Not to mention tomatoes, cabbage, squash, peppers, corn, and other vegetables.

When I started to feel I'd had more than enough sun for one day, I took shelter under the beer tent. Where I was in time to hear Tartanic, a celtic rock band with pipes and incredible stage presence. I haven't been this impressed with a band since I first saw Wolfstone.

In the late afternoon we ventured into the city for the Urban Detroit Craft Fair, where I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the tables and seeing what my crafty sisters (and brothers) created.

We rounded out the night with yard work and an episode of Columbo.

Yesterday was the Schubert & Mills Family Reunion. I'd spend many hours last week working on the Schubert genealogy, but for the most part my efforts came to naught. The reunion was under-attended: the only people who showed up were my (ex-step-)grandmother, two of her three children, the adult children of one of the brothers, and the children's children (the youngest generation). Still, it was good to see everyone who came and to get caught up on family news.

Today was back to work, laundry, and now, the newest episode of The Closer. Not to mention finally starting to read School Days, by Robert B. Parker, which is due back at the library on Wednesday. I'd renew it, but there are holds on the book and I can't.

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