Mrs_Sweetpeach (mrs_sweetpeach) wrote,

Drive-by Update

I survived another sleep study. This was the first time I've slept *laying down in a bed* without a CPAP machine since I got one and I was concerned this would do in my heart. I have no idea how much time I spent asleep last night but I know it wasn't nearly long enough. I don't believe I ever fell asleep during that part of the study, nor do I think I was able to sleep with a nose-only mask. Once the technician swapped it for a full face mask I finally conked out for a few hours. I won't learn the results until sometime in October.

Speaking of sleep apnea and hearts, earlier this week I received a call from the sister of my friend Ellen letting me know Ellen passed away. The police found Ellen in her car, pulled over to the side of a road. The autopsy revealed the cause of death as coronary arrest. Ellen's sister said the family was unaware of her having heart trouble but I know untreated sleep apnea can kill and Ellen suffered from it for more than a decade. She maintained that noise from the machine prevented her from falling asleep, as did discomfort from wearing a mask. I never could convince her to give treatment another shot and now I never will.

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