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Surprised by a new-to-me show

Today I'm watching The Profit because one of the commercial's caught my interest and I told the DRV to record it. I thought I'd hate this show as I took a strong dislike to Marcus Lemonis during the commercials but so far he isn't annoying me at all. He's not as shouty as I expected, in fact so far I'd describe him as soft-spoken.

The episode I'm watching is "Car Cash" and I think it's interesting that the two brothers who own the business have such different personalities and ideas about how to best manage the company. With the economy the way it's been, it isn't surprising that the business was failing when Lemonis entered the picture, but I also wonder if the brothers would have benefited with some sort of family counseling before the business began failing.

One thing I've noticed is that there is a lot of numbers/math involved in explaining how the business currently works and how it ought to work. Although I know how to use book-keeping software and I keep the books for both work and my own family, math is not my strong suit. The math is basic math, how much it costs to keep the business running and how much revenue they need to keep the doors open, but I'm having a very difficult time processing the information at the speed it is being presented.

Another surprise has been that commercials for the show during the show are once again leading me to think I'm going to end up objecting to the type of world Lemonis appears to me to advocate. I worry that personal and corporate greed are ruining the planet. I don't believe the way Americans live is sustainable. I can understand people in poorer nations looking at how a typical American family lives and saying "I want that for my family too," but the planet is suffering from what we've done and if everyone follows in our shoes, the planet is doomed. (I am not saying "This is okay for us but not for you," I think we need to improve everyone's lot in a way that benefits the environment even if it means that some of us will have less than we do now.)

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