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Drive-by update

This past weekend was the Motor City Makers Faire. On Saturday I spent most of my day teaching needlepoint to young people. Sunday I didn't volunteer, instead I wandered around with Jebra and looked at the various displays.

Tonight was the final FCB Concert Band concert of the season. It was held in downtown Farmington and attracted a good sized crowd particularly considering how cool it has been the past few days and how threatening the skies looked for most of the day. We didn't get back home until just around midnight which partially explains why I'm still up. The other part involves laundry and allergy medicines. I'm about to take my final dose of medicine before going to bed and the washing machine should finish the rinse cycle very soon.

While I waited for the laundry to finish I watched my recording of tonight's How Do I Look. I may have to stop watching this soon as the host is beginning to get on my nerves and the screaming women on tonight's show just made me want to slap somebody. I'm not sure who, but the screaming just annoys the heck out of me. I'm happy to say I don't know anyone in RL who acts that way. Tonight I was also annoyed by the woman who said that wearing counterfeit clothes is disrespectful to the designer. I don't buy counterfeit goods but the reason has more to do with the fact I find most of the things copied repellent in both the original and the copy. If I believed designer clothes were made of quality materials with superior craftsmanship it would be one thing, but even if they were, they would be out of style long before they were worn out.

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