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Style or lack thereof

I'm sitting here watching How Do I Look? which I never even heard of until this evening. The episode I'm watching is "The A, B, Cs of Fashion" (Teacher Chrystie needs to do away with the frumpy, hand-me-down fashion). What concerns me from the opening segment is that for the most part I really like her style and I very much approve of her attitude concerning recycling and saving money. I really liked when she said she'd "rather donate her money to a cause or to someone else than spend her money on fashionable clothes."

So far, I totally love this girl and I don't want to see her become a fashionista.


I'm back now that I've seen the big reveal. I'm not used to her hair, and I think I might get used to it, but I sure don't like it at the moment. My strongest reaction was to her dress though -- OMG I hate it. It would be okay for a date (I suppose) but if she's looking for things to wear in the classroom, I think it is completely inappropriate. I'm also curious about what will happen once she returns from teaching in Kenya. One of the models earlier in this episode said that the poverty she witnessed while she was in Africa turned her away from fashion, making it seem completely worthless. So I wonder if Chrystie will revert to her initial indifference to fashion. Not that I expect I will ever know.

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