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Drive-by Update

Honestly, I have no idea what I've done recently other than watch crap TV, knit, hung out at the office, spent time over at Artisan Knits getting to know the other Saturday afternoon knitters, began attending the Tuesday night knitting group at Panera in Troy, learnt how to play Sudoku, and thought about how very much I do not want to clean out the pond.

*Reads over previous sentence* Yep, that's about it. Although I did make myself go out for a walk two nights ago, no make that three nights ago. I'm still mourning the loss of Mind & Body Fitness. I haven't done any Nia since they closed up shop and I can tell I'm losing muscle strength. I think about various things I could do to correct this (go for walks more than once every few weeks, try a Jazzercise class or spend more time gardening/weeding. Old folks who garden are provably stronger & healthier than their non-gardening counterparts)) but so far I haven't followed up on any of them. Either it's too hot, too cold, there are too many allergens flying around out there, or it's raining.

Well this post has certainly turned into more of a downer than I intended. Sorry about that.

ETA: I'm back to point out two things I've recently discovered that make me happy. First up,
Siberian Pseudonyms: "Electronica 1.0", a compilation of some very sweet electronica. I've been playing the mp3s all morning. I stumbled across the collection while googling for images of Siberia suitable for use on siberian_skys's birthday card.

Secondly, this:

Crescendo Detroit Summer Program 2013 from Jim Liska on Vimeo.

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