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I'm getting copies of US Weekly in the mail. I know I didn't subscribe to this thing and I don't know who purchased the subscription for me. I'd like to know who is responsible so that I can ask him or her to never do it again.

Every week a new issue arrives. Being me, I have had zero success in talking myself into throwing it away without looking inside even though the exact same thing happens. I recognize a handful of faces, a small percentage of the names mentioned, and wonder why I'm wasting my time looking at pictures of people I don't know and don't care about.

Today I counted the number of names I recognized in the April 22nd issue. 49. And of these people, how many do I care about? Two, if "care a tiny bit" counts as caring. Judge Judy had her contract renewed, and Michael Weatherly and his wife are expecting their second child. There was also a small article about the Duck Dynasty people. Which I didn't read and didn't examine closely, but which did account for 8 of the names I recognized.

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