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Drive-by Update

It's been a busy few weeks, and not all of it pleasant. Near the end of 2012 we discovered a small growth on the bottom of one of Hamish's feet. It didn't seem to bother him and the vet told us to keep an eye on it as it was likely to grow very slowly and there was no hurry in getting it removed. This remained the case until four days before Easter when I came home from getting my hair cut and found bloody paw prints all over the first floor of the house. We took Hamish to the after-hours emergency service and paid a boatload of money to have the vet examine the wound, bandage it, and tell us to go to our usual vet for further care. Being Easter weekend and the start of heartworm season, getting in to see our vet turned out to be difficult, but we got him in on Saturday for an evaluation and returned on Monday to have his toe amputated.
He came through surgery well and didn't succeed in pulling off his bandage until tonight while I was off at the knitting guild. [profile] jebra is now on his way back home from shopping for bandages. I'd like not to return to the vet until our appointment on Saturday, when he gets his sutures out.

On Sunday I finally managed to clear out the garden beds. Most years I try to get this done before leaf collection ends for the year but obviously this didn't happen. At a minimum I wanted to clean up the front garden and rake up the leaves in front of the garage door and on the path to the pond. I did those things, plus stirred up the compost and got enough finished compost from the bins to make room for the new debris. I also worked so hard that I wore myself out and took a tumble. I'm not sure how I did it, but I fell forehead first onto the concrete. My forehead is abraded and my nose is still tender, but that was the totality of my injuries.

In knitting news, I've now finished a half dozen Mother Bear Project bears and sent them off the to the Mother Bear Project today.

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