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Fascinating episode

I'm watching the new episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive and it's about a trust-fund baby who became addicted to possessions. I didn't expect this episode to be much different than any of the other hoarding shows I've seen, and as is fairly common, it began with a bit of her personal history, the statement that she has never allowed any of her friends inside her home, and then a shot of a friend walking down the sidewalk to her place. I thought to myself, "Holy cats, does he ever resemble Ron Jeremy." Well, come to find out her friend *is* Ron Jeremy. On the Judge show, whatever that was, I discovered he's funny and surprisingly personable. Tonight I learned he can play Bach on the harmonica. And he's impressing me with his questions and comments -- he was very obviously surprised and concerned but he was also supportive and generally complimentary about her possessions. (Although he was also clear that she has *way* too much stuff.)

This woman has so many beautiful things -- and literally tons of cool stuff -- and she may be the most in denial of any of the hoarders I've seen. I do not have a good feeling about how she's going to do in the long term.

I also wish Ron Jeremy had more time on screen. I think he was the best part of this episode. I will also say that this particular episode makes it clear that hoarding is a result of some sort of mental illness.

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