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My sweetie will be home tonight

It feels like an age since I've seen jebra. In real time it's only been five days, but I didn't see much of him since January 1st, what with him going into the hospital and then going away for Magfest. I've talked to him once or twice while he was gone, and exchanged a few text messages, so I know he's alive and well and it sounds like he's been having fun.

Speaking for myself, I had a fairly mellow weekend. I left work 45 minutes early on Friday to pick up my rental car, got up bright & early (well, dark & early considering the time of year) and managed to get to the funeral home only ten minutes after I intended. Once I arrived it occurred to me that I really should have left at least a half hour earlier, to allow time for me to get lost. Yes, even with Waze I had trouble finding the place. I failed to do two, no make that three, things. The first thing I failed to do was make sure Waze could find the address based on the entry in my google calendar. For some reason I don't comprehend, Waze insisted my destination was the edge of the MSU campus and Grand River. I eventually pulled into a parking lot and manually entered the address into Waze. The second thing I should have done was look up the address on google maps on my desktop computer, just so I'd have a general understanding of the route. And if there was a street view of that part of Grand River, I'd have a clue as to what I was looking for. I tend to drive by landmarks, not directions (left/right/north/east/south/west) or even street names, so street view is a lovely thing as it tells me what to look for. My third mistake was not making sure I had a charger for my phone with me. I noticed the battery was down to 20% and turned off my phone for a while just to make sure I'd have enough battery to get me started on the route home.

Anyway, the funeral was okay but I was annoyed with the minister as I kept feeling he was shouting as he delivered his sermon. I think this may have been the first funeral I've attended where the minister actually knew the deceased and knew him well. The best part was the eulogy delivered by my uncle's son-in-law, he gave a great summary of my uncle's life and told a few stories about him that were new to me. I'm also delighted that he emailed a copy of the eulogy to me as I'm going to want to add it to the family history.

After the funeral home we drove to the cemetery, had a brief service there and then retreated to the church my uncle attended for a luncheon. My nephew Travis rode with me on the way to the cemetery and explained a few things about the car I was driving. Exactly how he knew so much about the car remains a mystery but he certainly explained more about the controls than the guy at Enterprise. For example, I didn't know how the sound system worked and I had a heck of a time figuring out how to turn down the volume. For the first twenty minutes I alternated between silence (I found the mute button right quick) and ear-blasting sound levels. I discovered up and down buttons for the volume on the steering column -- they were hidden from my view due to the way I had the steering wheel positioned -- and then when I did find them, they worked differently than I expected. I thought I should be pressing down from the top, but instead I was supposed to press up from the bottom. It was a perfectly logical arrangement once I understood it, but getting there was a challenge. Then again, this is me I'm talking about -- my first challenge with the controls was figuring out how to get the driver's window to go back up. I'm used to the toggle switch on the Park Avenue, and the Impala's window went down as I expected, but getting it to go up required pulling up on the switch. It took me a rather embarrassing number of seconds to figure out the trick.

Between the cemetery and the church both my nephew and his girl friend rode with me. Travis talked pretty much the entire way, telling me about the place he's working and how he's hoping to become the owner's partner. I hope this is what happens but I have my doubts. Travis has a rather abrasive personality and I think working with him long term would be exhausting.

Anyway, the luncheon was nice and it was great to see family I don't often see. I left around 3:00 as I wanted to be home well before dark. Leaving early turned out to be great idea as I had a heck of a time staying awake on the drive home. I managed though, returned the Impala to Enterprise, picked up our car, and went straight home. There I did a bit of crochet while watching tv, and went to bed at 9:30.

Fifteen hours later I woke up.

What with having slept half the day away, I didn't do much of anything on Sunday. I ran a load of laundry, finished another crochet kitty bed, and discovered one of our local tv stations was running a marathon of The Saint. I loved that show when I was a kid and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it again. I didn't recognize any of the four episodes I caught, but I can say that I most enjoyed the earlier black & white ones. It's strange to me how realistic I thought the show was when I was a kid as compared to how unrealistic it seems now.

Today I'm back at work and tonight my sweetie comes home.

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