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Paging maddiec24 & On The Road Again

First, maddiec24 Thank you! I opened your gift this morning and I love everything you sent. I also taste-tested both tins of sugared pecans. Yummmmmmmmm. Are the pecans from your trees this year or was the harvest too small?

Second, as soon as I stop typing and we load the car, we're off for our traditional late Christmas/New Year's Eve excursion to Indiana. We'd be on the road already if it weren't for an unexpected need to take Hamish to the vet this morning. I spotted a red lump on his foot a few nights ago and felt we ought to have it looked at before we left. No telling what it is yet -- the advice was to keep an eye on it for a few weeks to see if it's growing. If it is, come back soon. If not, we can put off surgery indefinitely.

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