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Drive by update & incomplete thank yous

Today (and yesterday and the night before) we're in Ionia at my mother's house. We left home Saturday morning, right after bringing the mail in. I know I owe thank yous to maddiec24 and rhymephile and luvmax1 and probably a few others, but the cards and packages are back at home and most are still unopened. We're returning tomorrow after lunch (my favorite Christmas tradition, going out for Chinese food). We'll be home for three days, then leaving for Indianapolis and New Year's Eve with my husband's brother and sister & their spouses and the nephews.

Then it will be home for another three days, then jebra will be leaving for MagFest and I will be (weather & health permitting) driving to Lansing for my uncle's funeral. We were woken with the news of his passing yesterday. He'd be in a nursing home, along side his wife, for a week or so. She's been living there for more than year, but his health took a dramatic turn for the worse after he had a mishap with either one of his oxygen tanks or the tubing. At any rate, something wasn't working right and he collapsed while trying to connect a fresh tank. I guess this is proof that those emergency button things advertised on tv are a pretty good idea for those who live alone and are somewhat frail. Before he passed out he knew he was in trouble but wasn't able to get to the phone to call 911.

Yesterday afternoon many of use trekked out to the nursing home to visit the widow. She seemed to be coping fairly well and I'm sure being surrounded by family helped.

As you should know about me by now, I have a complicated family structure. I have four moms. The one I'm talking about here is my birth mom, the man who died was her sister's husband. He was also my mom's brother-in-law as my mom's sister married my mom's husband's brother. (In other words, my mom's sister is also my mom's sister-in-law.) So anyway, my mom's brother, his wife, and their daughter were visiting at the same time, along with my Aunt's daughter, her granddaughter by another mother, one of her sons and his wife and their two boys, plus the woman who I believe is her husband's daughter from his first wife. We reminisced with my aunt for an hour or so, then left to have lunch as group. We went to Culvers and ate & talked and laughed for a few hours, then returned to the nursing home and hung out for another hour or so. Which is the long way of saying that in spite of the circumstances, we had fun talking and seeing one another. It's been many years since I've seen some of these people and it was good to see them again.

Last night, after we got back to my mom's we watched The Fourth King, which proves just how much I love Kevin Whately as I not only bought a family movie with a Christian POV, but I actually watched and enjoyed it.

Tonight we're going to the Christmas eve service with my mother. This proves I also love my mother.

I love all of you as well and hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas and/or Monday & Tuesday. For those of you who aren't, *hugs* and virtual tea & cookies.

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