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We are officially crazy people

Because tomorrow morning we pack the car and leave for Florida. We plan to make the drive in two days, arriving in or near Zephyrhills Tuesday night. Wednesday, 12/12/12, we intend to spend with jebra's parents as it is both his mother and his sister's birthday. Thursday, after breakfast, we fold ourselves back into the car and begin the drive home, intending to return home sometime on Friday. Saturday begins the next round of concerts and parties.

jebra played his first TubaChristmas gig of the year a few weeks ago and his second last Sunday. This afternoon was the FCB's Holiday Show, the last FCB concert of the calendar year. The band played really well and I actually liked every piece they played.

Yesterday I spent the day at Knit Club, working on bed socks for jebra's mom. I continued working on them when I got home, and again today before and during the concert. I finished them about an hour ago and now have them wrapped and ready to go with us. I also picked out my next three projects as I expect I'll spend the ride to Florida knitting. If I'm lucky I'll also be able to knit all the way home, but if jebra is too wiped out I'll step up and do some of the driving.

In work news, late on Friday I finally got caught up from the week we took off to attend Worldcon. One week off, three months to catch up. I sure hope I can get my life more under control before the end of the year.

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