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Drive-by Update

This past weekend we were in Ionia visiting my mom and catching up with family. My nephew was in town with his wife and their baby, and with the exception of my sister (who lives in North Carolina), the entire family got together for dinner. I cannot recall the last time this happened but I'm certain it has been years.

My sister-in-law made a sort of lasagna (a sort because she somehow forgot to add ricotta/cottage cheese to the dish), and we had salad and garlic bread and pickles and a side dish that must have been quite forgettable as I'm pretty sure there was one but I can't think of what it could have been.

Earlier in the day jebra was called on a remark he left on facebook, that "there is nothing a techie won't try in someone else's kitchen" (which was in response to one of his friends posting this video)

I insisted we go shopping and buy ice cream sandwiches, two kinds, one the Great Value (Walmart) brand and the other Klondike so that we could experiment and see which made the better shakes. To my surprise, the Great Value brand was declared the winner. The Klondike version tasted more of vanilla than chocolate, which I suppose is why I myself preferred it. Just in case you want to try this at your house, we used a blender, not a food processor and halved the recipe -- 3.5 ice cream sandwiches, a half cup of milk, both well mushed into the base of the blender and then blended until liquid. Each batch thusly made was split between two people, which seemed to be exactly the right amount as no one complained about not getting enough and no one left their glass undrained. The drinks were also declared to be dangerously good, dangerous because they are so easy to make and so very tasty.

While they were at my mom's, I gave my nephew and his wife the dress I made for their little girl. I started knitting it in April and went through much grief getting it started. I thought I was home free one I finished the skirt portion, but after kitting the top portion of the dress I realized I'd forgotten to switch to smaller needles and ended up frogging the top too. When I finished the dress wasn't made as perfectly as I hoped, but it is wearable and the parents seem to appreciate my efforts.

Also in knitting news, yesterday became an official member of the Black Sheep Knitting Guild. Is that not the perfect name for a guild I'd belong to?

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