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Home again

The weekend passed in a blur. Friday night the Farmington Community Band had a concert in downtown Farmington, in the new pavilion. The concert was good and there was a decent-sized crowd, but it made for a late night for jebra and myself. After the concert he handed off as much of the band's gear as he could, then we climbed into our car and drove to Grand Haven.

In the morning we walked through a rather nice art fair, had a late breakfast, rested up for a bit, then went to watch my cousin get married. The wedding was short -- maybe a half hour -- then we had a couple of hours to kill before the reception. We -- meaning jebra, my mom, and myself -- went off in search of cold drinks and ended up in a dollar store. It wasn't a very good one though and I didn't find anything that tempted me other than ice tea.

At some point we also drove by a garage sale. As we passed, an exercise mat caught jebra's eye, so we circled the block and returned. The seller only wanted 50 cents for it, and that was far too good a deal to pass by.

The wedding reception was held in what was once a warehouse or factory -- a neat old building in any case and one I enjoyed exploring.

The best part, other than getting to spend some time with my family, was getting a roof-top view of The World's Largest Musical Water Fountain. The fountain was created in 1963 and would have been at home in one of Walt Disney's amusement parks. The music wasn't to my taste -- not that I thought it would be -- but it was fun watching the water move and change colors.

Today we made the trip to Ionia to see the house my mom is having built, then went to the farm so that jebra could restore her internet connection. Once again, the grandchild who insists he's a computer expert had made changes without knowing what the heck he was doing and messed it up. Fortunately, he hadn't goofed it up as badly as he had some other times and jebra was able to fix it without too much trouble.

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