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The state of me

The last couple of weeks have been spent visiting my various doctors. I confused my GP when I said "I hated to admit it, but I've felt great since I started taking metformin." He asked why I'd hate admitting to feeling better and I had to explain that it was because I didn't want to admit that I really am diabetic.

He also prescribed a glucose meter for me, which means my health insurance will pay for it and the related supplies. I'm getting them through Liberty and if I'm lucky it'll arrive before we leave for Worldcon. If not, well, it'll mean less stuff to pack.

The best appointment of the bunch was the one with my neurologist. Who basically told me not to bother him again unless something drastic changes. As he predicted when he first saw me, the tests I underwent revealed nothing abnormal in my brain or cognition. My brain shows only mild signs of aging which is a huge relief. My memory is still wonky, but now we know for sure that my memory issues are entirely due to my problems with getting enough sleep. I'm going to start taking the generic form Singulair and see if that allows my sinuses to remain open at night. I've been taking loratadine and that seems about as effective as a glass of water. What surprised me was learning that the clinic's nurse's husband had the same experience with loratadine; it doesn't work on him either.

Last night I discovered I have a new reason to hate ragweed. My sinuses are so blocked that my CPAP machine is having a tough time getting air into my lungs -- if I don't mouth breathe, my mask will actually lift off my face and break the seal.

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