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Uh oh

Following fanfromfla down the meme-hole:


How Old Do You Act?

You are :


You act like you are 60 yrs old! You go to bed early and hate loud music.
You can probably be seen eating prunes, watching the news, or knitting.

Take the How Old Do You Act? quiz at


Knitting is right, but I think the rest of this is wrong or at least misleading. I don't like loud music because it hurts my ears. I don't go to bed early (how it got that idea I don't know, because it's a great night if I'm in bed by 11:00 and I'm often up until 1:00 (or 3:00 on weekends). I'm mostly a vegetarian, which is why I had to pick prunes. I'm not supposed to eat candy or potato chips (diabetic, don't you know) and I'm not a great fan of steak. Cheeseburgers, though -- that I would have picked. Cheeseburgers were the one thing I craved during my two years as a vegetarian and were what ultimately seduced me away from a meatless life. Also, I hardly ever watch the news: maybe once or twice a month, and never more than the first five or ten minutes of the local broadcast.

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