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It doesn't look like much... - Drinking from the Fire Hose — LiveJournal
and trying not to drown

Date: 2012-06-12 15:01
Subject: It doesn't look like much...
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Music:Audra Mae & the Almighty Sound: Ne'Er Do Wells
Tags:gardening, rl, scrapbooking, tmi
but boy oh boy does it hurt.

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User: thistlethorn
Date: 2012-06-14 21:42 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I'll look at the Nia website, thank you for the info! I do understand what you mean about skepticism (almost spelled that the BrEng way after writing Lewis for months! *g*); I'm very much a skeptic myself. I take all customer reviews with a grain of salt and find spiritual and religious claims to be hooey--I'm not a religious person at all. I don't think there are "chakras" or that a wafer of wheat turns into the body of a dead guy, or in a trinity of one God, or that we have spirit animals, or that there are magical healing powers in the horn of a narwhal. I like for stuff to have been proven by rigorous application of the scientific method.

Just change your breakfast cereal to a high-fiber one (if it isn't already), watch the sugar, and you're good with breakfast. (You should have only 4-5 carbs, max, per full meal, and only about 1 carb for snacks, equalling about 5-6 meals (3) and snacks (2-3) per day.) Fast food can be kinda bad. And pretzels with peanut butter--not enough nutrition, and possibly too many carbs, depending on the number of pretzels you'd eat. But those would be an acceptable snack. :-)

You are so much better than me at drinking water. I do like Diet Pepsi--been drinking it for decades--but I've cut back on it substantially the past few years. It possibly is bad for me. *rueful grin*

I'm still dithering about the watches. *g* I really do need something to remind me it's time to eat again, so that countdown timer option would be perfect. (It's on the cheaper watches, too,but lots of reviews said those had little buttons that were hard to push and hurt their fingers. Not good.) But oh, I really, really want this filing cabinet, too. It's functional, yet pretty. I'm an artist and I love interior design--I don't want something ugly. and this would fit the look I'm going for in my room. (It had a lot of good and detailed reviews at other websites.) Oh, the dilemma! :-)

Did you get Ep 4 of Lewis in the mail yet? I hope! I do have copies of 2-4 that can be played in a DVD player from someone, and of course I have the pro DVDs now, too, so if you want to borrow the fan-made ones, I'm happy to loan them out.

Ooh...must rip the pro eps to my hard drive as backup....
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