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Oh why me.

Is it common knowledge that Global Payments got hacked? For those that don't know, Global Payments is a credit card processor that, according to every news story I found, handles Visa and MasterCard. However, it was American Express that sent me a letter informing me that a company providing payment processing services in North America (and that handles American Express cards) has detected unauthorized access and that I should review my account statements and credit reports.

I had security freezes put on my credit files, and tried to examine my credit reports at (which is free if you don't sign up for any of the associated offers). I made it through the first one (Equifax) but then Equifax refused to let me leave and clicking on the return tab (as instructed by annualcreditreport) did nothing. Now I don't know if I can view the other two reports for free because I'll have to go through the verification process again and I don't know how the site keeps track of what was done.


(p.s. No sign of any actual fraud. Yet?)

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