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Semi-quick update

Last Thursday we drove to Port Huron after work, to see An Dro play at Lynch's Irish Tavern. The band was every bit as good as I expected, but I'm getting too old to stay out that late on a work night. Getting up and to work the next morning was exceedingly difficult.

After work on Friday we drove to Ionia to spend the weekend with my mom. I hadn't seen her since Christmas, so the visit was long overdue. On Saturday the three of went to Lansing to shop at Sticks and Strings, the yarn shop owned by one of my mom's friends. I picked out yarn for the dress I'm going to knit for my newly born niece, and my mom picked out some very nice bamboo yarn for a shawl. Elderly Instruments, one of jebra's favorite stores is located right across the street, so we went over there too. We found a handful of CDs and jebra) bought a bodhran to replace the cheap import he's been using. After that we had a very yummy lunch at the Embassy Grill, then went shopping for an eReader for my mom. She came home with a new Nook tablet and I'm still thinking about getting one myself.

We returned home on Sunday, stopping in Grand Ledge to have lunch with jebra's sister and her husband, then continued to work so that we could run billing.

Monday went by in a blur and I don't remember a thing about it. Yesterday, on the other hand, I was a sleepy mess. If I got anything done at work it was a miracle as I couldn't keep my eyes open. I didn't even go to Nia, instead I went home after work and went directly to bed.

Today I feel a whole lot better, and a lot more productive too. I finished the scarf I've been working on and I finally got around to taking photos of the clutch I made to hold my knitting & crochet accessories. I had the bad habit of putting the stitch holders and markers down wherever I was when it was time to remove them and then not recall where I'd put them.

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