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Purse/bag meme shamelessly stolen from maddiec24 - Drinking from the Fire Hose — LiveJournal
and trying not to drown

Date: 2006-05-24 23:27
Subject: Purse/bag meme shamelessly stolen from maddiec24
Security: Public
Music:The Daily Show
-Show us a picture of your purse/Bag/Book Bag/Back pack
-Tell us a little story of how you got it
-Tell us what's in it
-Be honest about what's in your bag.
-Tag three people to do this Meme.

Infamous Black Bag

I bought this bag in the Huckster's Room at Penguicon 3 because I like the artwork and because my previous bag was falling part at the seams
Infamous Black Bag
The various bags, boxes, and loose items inside

Contents of the black bag
The Contents

(Click on the image for a closer look)
Contents of the black bag

(top far left) Crocheted circle, crochet hook, yarn needle, balls of yarn

(bottom far left) Cross stitch supplies: thread, needles, works-in-progress, pattern, chocolate, pens

(left) Fanny pack: Clie', flash drive, Swiss Army knife, pens, wipes, coin purse, wallet, check book, pill box, cold medicine, lip gloss, keys, pens

(right) Camera bag, calling cards, spare batteries

(top far right) Shorts, sunglass case, lock de-icer, paperback book

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