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OMG, Dan Savage ILU

Dan made me laugh so hard that I was literally doubled over with laughter:

HEY, EVERYBODY: You know how Mormons “baptize” dead people who weren’t Mormons—including Holocaust victims—because Mormons believe they have a right to choose Mormonism for the deceased? And you know how the Mormon Church says that being gay is a choice? The same church that doesn’t think you should have a choice about being posthumously baptized? Well, now you can choose homosexuality for dead Mormons! Just go to, enter the name of a deceased Mormon or ask the site to find a dead Mormon for you, and—presto!—that dead Mormon gets to have a gay afterlife!

On a more serious note, I'm not actually sure how I feel about baptizing dead people. It seems disrespectful to baptize people against their will including, therefore, dead people. And being somewhere between atheist and agnostic myself, the whole baptism thing seems silly. I can empathize with relatives who feel angry, upset, or unhappy when this happens to their ancestors and I wonder if the people arranging the baptisms are doing it with pure hearts.

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