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Drive-by update

Last Friday we went to see Charade at the Redford Theatre. I've seen it before but it was wonderful seeing it on the big screen.

Saturday morning I was too tired to go to dance class. I did manage to attend ladyinfidel's house party and had a good time -- and a bowl of her fine French Onion Soup.

Sunday was catch-up-on-laundry day.

Monday was work followed by a marathon viewing of hoarding shows (three or four episodes of Hoarding Buried Alive followed by two episodes of Hoarders) while working on a cat cozy for the animal shelter.

Tuesday was work followed by Nia followed by more dumb tv and a failed attempt moebius knitting.

Yesterday was another day of work and another attempt at starting a moebius scarf. This one isn't using Cat Borhdi's method and seems to be going okay.

Today was a very busy day for me at work and my desk is the closer to being clean than it's been in years. This morning it was covered with five or six inches of paper; when I left it was down to somewhere between one and two inches. Now I'm home and trying to catch up on LJ & DW. I have last night's Dark Minds playing and it keeps pulling my attention because the keep mentioning Detroit and the cases they're talking about are the ones involving the Oakland County Child Killer. I was a kid myself when the murders occurred and I remember talking about the police and efforts to catch him with my friends at school. I wouldn't say that any of us were particularly worried that we would become victims but we did wonder who he was and if there was any chance we knew him (if he was a teacher at our school, for instance).

Tomorrow we have the day off work as it's the day of the Farmington Community Band's Valentines Day Dinner Dance. I'm looking forward to it.

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