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More cards, a silliness, year end tallies

First, trillingstar your extremely pretty card arrived but you neglected to include your return address! Please pm it over (or respond on lj/dw if you aren't as paranoid as I).

jennlk your card arrived before we left for Indiana but I was going nuts trying to get our cards out before year's end and didn't mention it at the time. Reading the letter was fun as it it's a different look at the family than what is on your and johnridley's lj.

Not that it is likely, but in the off chance you see this, josanpq, your card arrived as well and made me grin. I love the graphic on the front of the card. Such an interesting mix of color and grey scale.

As for silliness, maddiec24, I'm wearing the Santa socks today and I brought your photo in to work with me and just realized the shirt I have on is almost the same color as the one in the photo of you and J. That's making me grin as well.

Year End Stats
Scrapped birthday cards:96
Pages scrapped just for fun:58
High resolution (3600x3600) scrapbook pages:8
Photographs:Enough to fill 16 CDs
Days of work missed due to illness:1
Jayne Hats:52
Non-Jayne Hats:3
Fingerless Mittens (pairs):0 — 1 pair still on the needles
Afghans:0 — Unfortunately, as the yarn is in the living room
Animal Shelter Blankets:9
Stories beta read:2
Weight Gained or Lost:Do you think I willingly get on a scale?

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