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Drive-by update

I'm having trouble believing it's nearly the middle of December. So much so that I keep thinking it's still early November. I suppose the weather isn't helping since it really doesn't feel like December yet, but considering how much I hate cold and snow I refuse to complain about that.

Friday night, while jebra was at band practice, I stayed home where I washed dishes, washed a bunch of laundry, and followed the pattern I worked out for a cat bed. I wanted to make sure the instructions were right before I published it to the web.

Saturday, rather than go to Nia, I went with jebra to Howell for the Tuba Christmas concert. While he was at practice I hiked over to Stitch in Time. I love that place and, as usual, had a great time hanging out with the shop's owner and browsing through her wonderful selection of yarn. This year I came away with only one new pattern but enough yarn to make it three times.

jebra called me when practice was over. We had lunch together then walked to the park where the concert would take place. mbumby and traveller42 appeared among the concert-goers and we stood together. Afterwards all four of us went to The Spinning Loft where I was given a quick lesson in spinning wool with a drop spindle and told to look for spindle spinning videos featuring Abby Franquemont on youtube.

After buying a spindle and some very pretty roving, jebra took me home where I continued working on my new pattern and did even more laundry.

Sunday was pretty much consumed by the FCB's Holiday Show. What with jebra being the equipment manager and having to set up the recording gear, we arrived at noon for the 3 p.m. concert. And as usual, it was mad dash getting everything in place before the lights went down.

From where I sat in the audience, the band sounded great. And for a pleasant change, I genuinely liked all of the music the selected for performance.

After the concert (and putting away the gear), we went to dinner with mbumby, traveller42, and another couple. Then it was home for yet more laundry and finishing Hamish's cat bed:

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