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Drive-by update

A few minutes ago I put down my yarn needle and scissors, having just finished the ninth of the nine hats in the current batch of Jayne Hats for the Austin Browncoats. This brings my 2011 Jayne Hat count to 46 -- I was aiming to misbehave for 52 hats this year. If more yarn arrives before the 15th of December, I think I'll be able to make my goal.

The scarf count is holding steady at 55 for the National World War II Museum, 3 for the Red Scarf Project, and 1 on the needles for a friend.

As for the Fancy Filigree Bookmark I'm supposed to be crocheting for a friend's Secret Sister, well, that's going with me to Knitting Club on Saturday. Hopefully there'll be someone there who can help me make sense of the pattern. I figured out how to make a Chubby Cluster, but Round 1's turn work 90 degrees and... defeated me. I have no idea where I'm supposed to stick my crochet hook after the turn.

Saturday's Nia may be interesting as well. The Detroit Nia teachers are being filmed for a video and the videographer is supposed to be at class again on Saturday. I met him two Tuesdays ago, when he filmed us for the first time. I thought I was dancing well that day, so I didn't mind being filmed, but I was very glad for what I was wearing as I thought I looked less tubby than usual. Amazing what wearing light sweatpants in my actual size does for my figure.

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