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Drive-by Update

Yesterday jebra and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary by going into work late, shopping for computer peripherals at Micro Center, getting lunch (and a Red Velvet Cake) from Walmart, leaving work early and picking up our "real" anniversary cake and an additional Carrot Cake from Costco, having dinner at Wendy's, and the going to band rehearsal. After rehearsal we (well, jebra really -- I was afraid I'd get in the way and migrated to the back of the room) served cake to his conductor and band-mates. I had a slice of the Red Velvet cake at lunch, and then a slice of each of the others after practice. And woke up with one hell of a tummy ache. Serves me right, if you ask me.

Today at work I'm reinstalling Ubuntu 10.04.3 on my work machine and GoBook. Not that we got here on time -- before work I repotted the rosemary as it needs to come indoors for the winter (hopefully it'll survive in the unheated but sunny vestibule at work. If any of you know better, speak up!) and went to our polling place to vote on local elections.

Tonight, if all goes well, will be Nia. It wasn't on Saturday; our teacher's car broke and she couldn't find a last-minute substitute teacher.

I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention all sorts of stuff, but it's time to get back to un-upgrading.

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