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Drive-by update

Busy, busy weekend.

After work on Friday we met with mbumby at Scotty Simpson's Fish & Chips. I'd never heard of the place, but Jebra searched the web for restaurants near the Redford Theater and up popped Scotty's along with many favorable reviews. jebra and mbumby appeared to be favorably impressed. I don't like fish and wasn't in the mood for chips, but the cheeseburger I ordered was reasonably tasty.

After Scottys, the three of us went to the Redford for the Second Animation Rarities festival. We saw 14 rare films, only one of which I remembered from my childhood (A Sheep in the Deep, from 1962 and directed by Chuck Jones). The cartoons we saw ranged from a silent Felix the cat cartoon from 1928, to Betty Boop's Museum (1932), to The Peachy Cobbler (1953). We also saw Scrappy's Art Gallery, which featured a near-forgotten 1930s cartoon star, and two Private Snafu cartoons, both original prints from 1944 that were sent overseas to the servicemen during WWII and somehow made their way back home to the states.

Saturday morning I got up at the usual time and took myself to Nia where we did Aya. After class Jean called and asked me to meet her at her house rather than her mom's. I said sure and decided I'd take the simple route of Nine Mile to Orchard Lake and then from there I'd know which side streets to take. What I didn't expect was for Nine Mile to turn. Mile roads are supposed to be straight lines. I got so lost and turned around I had no idea which way I was heading but somehow managed to blunder my way up to
Twelve Mile. As I told Jean, I've never been so happy to see McCabe's Funeral Home in my life, as that was the first landmark I recognized after a half hour of driving around Farmington/Farmington Hills. I can also say that I never truly appreciated just how pretty Farmington is as I saw more of it during my adventure than I ever have before.

Anyway, after finding my way to Jean's house, we jumped into her car and went over to her mom's house to work on cleaning up the yard. We weeded and trimmed for a good two, two-and-a-half hours, before returning to Jean's house to get cleaned up and ready to leave for SEMGS.

SEMGS was at kevinnickerson and icyfeetofdeath's house. jebra joined us at Jean's house (he'd been at the high school gathering equipment for Sunday's gig at the cider mill) and then we drove over. We had a great turnout and the food was fabulous. Especially the beef stew and Hawaiian bread Chris brought.

Sunday morning Jebra let me sleep in a little and made oatmeal for my breakfast. We managed to get showered and dressed and out of the house on time, and made it to the high school to pick up the truck in record time. Once we arrived at the Franklin Cider Mill I took off (completely forgetting that I had the recorder and Jebra's program notes in my knitting bag) and went exploring. I stood in line to see the apple press at work, and got to see what happens when the hose that delivers the cider to the rest of the mill looses it prime -- alarms start sounding and many employees come running. After that bit of excitement I bought myself a cider slushie and walked outside. Where I discovered an animal rescue group was holding an adoption day. I lost track of time as I considered the various dogs (none of whom had any experience with cats, so none of which I could seriously consider adopting) and then watching the cats play. After some amount of time mbumby found and reminded me I was carrying Jebra's notes. So I went in search of him, turned over the stuff he needed, then wandered around with mbumby and our mutual friend MJO. Both MJO and myself had the same reaction when we saw this:

  Click to embiggen  

MJO had to leave shortly after the concert started, but two other friends appeared a few minutes later. Both of whom would also attend Sharon's Tea Party later that afternoon. I knew I'd be late for the Tea Party as I would be helping move equipment back to the high school, but I made it there eventually. As usual, Sharon had put on a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Sharon has a unique talent for throwing parties, particularly those with a vintage or shabby chic theme.

I drove home at exactly the right time, in that it wasn't so dark I couldn't see but so close to that time I was worried it would get there before I reached home.

At home I popped Christopher and His Kind into the DVD player. I was worried it would upset me, being set around WWII as it was, but honestly it was a lot like Cabaret only with more sex. So I liked it and will probably borrow it from the library again.

After the movie I meant to watch Unusual Suspects, but I was so tired I kept falling asleep. After fifty minutes, when it occurred to me that I had no idea what was going on on screen, I turned off the tv and went to bed.

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