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Drive-by Update

Let's see, where to begin...

Friday night after work we went to our friends Bob & Connie's house as another friend was in town during his summer vacation. That friend is someone Jebra went to high school with and they've been friends ever since. We had an enjoyable time having dinner and catching up on what's been going on in his life.

Last Saturday was not one of my better days. I got up at the usual time and dragged my sorry fat ass to Nia. Only to discover our teacher was missing. Although I have her phone number in my cellphone, I'd forgotten my phone at work on Friday. I was hoping she show up eventually, so I promised the yoga instructor I'd stay until the Zumba class arrived (and that he could leave and not be responsible for the building). I couldn't find any Nia music, so I put a dance CD into the player and started to move, but after fifteen minutes or so the other students rebelled as the music was truly awful. I'm not wild about Marvin Gaye but I have to admit, the CD tribute was *much* better than what I put in. We all did our own thing until the hour was up and the Zumba people began to arrive. (Yesterday I learned our instructor had car trouble and it prevented her from making it all the way to Ferndale.)

After class I went home and got ready for Club (the knitting group). Jebra wanted to get the car's oil changed, so I got into the old car (the boat) and turned the key. Only to have nothing happen. So I went back into the house and told Gabe the battery was dead and I was taking the other car. Chet started right up and the drive to Club was easy, except that the street sign on Campbell is down and I missed the turn. I turned in on the next street and then guessed wrong as to which way I should turn, but I figured out my error soon enough and didn't have any trouble finding the right house.

During club Tina recorded a segment for her podcast. Which you can see here if you are so inclined. I'm the fat lady sitting on the right side.

Anyway, after Club I went home, watched an episode or two of Blue Murder, then went out to dinner with Jebra and Margaret. Dinner was good (we went to our favorite local Thai restaurant), then we returned home and stayed up too late.

Sunday I slept in, then spent the day watching DVDs and waiting for the new episode of Lewis to air. I was very unhappy when I discovered Lewis had be pre-empted by specials for the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. So sad that yesterday, before Nia, I popped into the Ferndale Public Library and checked out Season One. I watched the pilot episode last night and plan to watch the second episode tonight.

In other news, the results of my calcium screening are in and I scored a perfect zero. This isn't for bones so a zero is good news. I haven't heard back from my doctor about the Doppler thing, but I'm under the impression that the technician didn't see anything of concern. I think this means I'm done with doctors for a few weeks.

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