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Yesterday I texted my mom after two attempts to talk to her on cell failed. (I blame stormy weather on both ends of the call.) Anyway, she texted me back and today I learned one of my brothers is about to lose his house. He and his wife have been living there for at least five years and he never missed a payment. Unfortunately he was buying the house through a land contract and the seller wasn't making his own mortgage payments to the bank. So the bank ends up with ownership of the house and my brother is SOL. I don't know if he can sue the seller. I expect so, but I also expect the seller has either spent or hidden away whatever money he got from my brother, and that's assuming my brother can prove he made payments. Me, I have enough sense to make payments in a traceable fashion, insist on receipts, or both. My brother, I'm not so sure.

This morning I went to the hospital for the calcium CT scan. It was an easy enough thing -- the technicians attached four leads to my chest, had me lay down on a bed type table, and then the bed was slid in and out of the CAT scanner. The scan portion took maybe three, four minutes. Getting ready for the scan (checking in, finishing paperwork, changing into a hospital gown, etc., added another ten or fifteen minutes. When all was said and done, we arrived at work just about the time we normally do on a Thursday morning.

Yesterday I called the arthritis clinic where I've been a patient. Only to learn that I no longer qualify to see my doctor when I want -- it's been more than three years since I saw her, and after three years I'm considered to be a new patient. And she isn't seeing new patients until December. I decided seeing someone soon was more important than checking in with one of my very favorite doctor-type-people and agreed to see another partner in the practice. Even so, the soonest I can get in is Friday, October 7th. I'm glad I decided to call when I did, and very glad I wasn't making the appointment because I'm in severe pain or some other urgent reason.

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