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Drive-by Update

Saturday morning was Nia. Saturday afternoon and evening were a party with the Dorsai Irregulars.

Sunday was sleeping in (until 2:30 p.m.!) followed by laundry and the first two episodes of Blue Murder. It's new to me and if the first story is anything to go by, it isn't something I can watch while catching up on email and LJ/DW. I tried, and the sixth time I had to start the show over because I had no clue what was going on, I gave up and shut the lid on my laptop. I can, however, knit and watch at the same time. Consequently, I finished another scarf for the Knit Your Bit campaign and started one more.

Today, after lunch, I paid a visit to the post office and mailed six Jayne hats to the Austin Browncoats and three scarves to the National World War II Museum. When I returned I realized I've lost track of how many scarves and hats I've finished this year. I really need to come up with a scorecard or tally sheet.

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