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Drinking from the Fire Hose
and trying not to drown

Date: 2011-05-31 15:52
Subject: Drive-by Update
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Friday was work followed by rain and going home. I have no clue what I did afterwards. Wasn't laundry or gardening, I'm sure of that.

Saturday was Nia followed by lots & lots of rain. After Nia I came home and cleaned up, then watched the first four episodes of Season One of Lie to Me. I finished knitting a scarf and thought about what I wanted to make next. This involved looking around the house into my various stashes. I had trouble deciding on a color scheme and gave up.

Sunday was sleeping in, getting caffeine into my system, and going outside to work in the yard. Storms were in the forecast, but it wasn't actively raining when I went outside. I attacked the brush pile that's been on our driveway since last fall and fed the dry stuff through the chipper shredder. This produced three full-ish bags of chips which I spread along the path to the compost bins as best I could. This was made more difficult by the standing water in the back of the back yard. We don't have as much as the neighbors do (mostly because I've added so much compost to our soil over the past ten years that our yard is higher than the others) but my feet got wet before I reached our compost bins. I also weeded the cracks in the driveway and processed the catmint I dried over the winter. This last task took place inside the garage as the promised storms arrived. The tornado sirens went off twice while I was working, but other than wince at the high notes and keep an eye on the clouds (and an ear out for anything that sounded like an oncoming train), I didn't slow my pace. Although at one point it occurred to me that if a tornado hit our property, I'd feel pretty silly for putting in all that effort to dispose of the brush pile. I kept going and felt quite pleased with myself when I went inside as I was now done with two big jobs I'd been dreading (the shredding and the catmint. Weeding the driveway isn't all that bad when armed with a putty knife). I took a long hot shower and then washed a few loads of laundry.

Monday I was up early, had breakfast and caffeine, then drove over to Ferndale to observe their Memorial Day Parade. Ferndale's website warned that their Memorial Day parade is a serious event, not a fun celebration, so I was quite curious how it would compare with Byron's Memorial Day Parade. Jebra suggested the difference would be due to the Bryon's population (Byron is a small midwest town), but I think it goes beyond that. Ferndale's parade highlights the cost of war (with placards for the war dead from places all over Michigan), while Bryon's is more a celebration of history-in-general, small town life, and public service.

After the parade I returned home, washed three more loads of laundry, read and deleted a few hundred email messages (leaving "only" 3500 in my main inbox), and waited for Jebra to return home. When he arrived, we went out to our little neighborhood ice cream stand for cones. After that, we returned to the house where I continued watching court shows on tv. You know, Judge Jude, The People's Court, all the shows I don't normally get to see because I'm at work (and won't record because they're an enormous time sink). Jebra went out to the bar with some of his band mates since Memorial Day trumped band practice, and I went to bed early.

Today I'm back at work, trying to keep in mind that today's Tuesday and trying to work up enthusiasm for tonight's Nia class.

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User: maddiec24
Date: 2011-06-01 01:15 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
OMG, I wish we could have some rain! The grass is dying here. It is so hot! No tornadoes, though, please.
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User: mrs_sweetpeach
Date: 2011-06-01 01:52 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
*surprise* You guys aren't getting rain? I assumed you were getting hit with the same series of storms we have. We've had rain, rain, and more rain. The first dry day I can think of in the recent past was Memorial Day, and while I was out weeding after dance class tonight I thought I felt another storm approaching. I just checked the weather underground and see there's a 60% chance of thunderstorms tonight. The next two days are supposed to be rain-free, but I doubt that will be long enough to dry out the yard.

I'd be happy to share our rain with you, but let's hope the tornadoes avoid both locations. They're no fun at all.
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