Mrs_Sweetpeach (mrs_sweetpeach) wrote,

Drive-by update

Holy cats do I ever have a nice camera. Jebra got it for me for my birthday (and a wee bit early at that), so I've had it for, um, around three months. And until today I never swapped to the big lens (55 to 250).

The rain's really coming down and the geese are back in our parking lot. My co-worker called me outside to see them, and then amused us both by observing the gaggle congregated in front of one of our no standing/stopping/parking signs. I popped back inside to grab my camera, but they'd moved on by the time I came back. The shots I got weren't much different than the ones I took the other day, so I returned inside. Then I thought to try out the other lens. And, oh my, I'm impressed with what it can do. It has built-in stabilization, which means today's tripod-less distance shots are crisp and clear. Awesome!

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Tags: photography, rl
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