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Drive-by update

Last night was Nia. My right knee was unhappy and I'm beginning to wonder if my refusal to consider using a knee braces is unwise.

On the other hand, the rest of me felt pretty good after class. So much so that after I got home I went out into the garden and did a tiny bit of weeding and messed around with compost bins. I moved the top layer of uncomposted stuff from the bin that split open at the corner to one of the other bins. The next step will be sieving what's left, separating the finished compost from the stuff that needs more time.

After that it was in the house for a shower for me and a trip through the washer for the black clothing. While the laundry finished up I watched NCIS -- overall I enjoyed the episode but I was sorry Mike Franks was killed. And I really hope the really smart new agent (don't know his name) isn't dead. He strongly reminds me of someone from the old Mission: Impossible and I really hoped to see more of him.

Also in the grumbling about tv department, this morning I learned Lie to Me has been canceled. I'm quite unhappy about the cancellation.

I'm sure there was something else I meant to write, but heck if I can think of what it could be.

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