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Date: 2006-04-12 09:53
Subject: Two extremes (a minor rant)
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Each month I receive two copies of Buying SPREE, a collection of advertisements cleverly disguised as a glossy magazine. Being an information junkie, I always leaf through one of the copies before consigning both to the recycling bin, even though I know I'm certain to find at least one ad or feature article that will haunt me for days. This month it was A Life Uncluttered by Jessica J. Shaw in which she touts the services of a handful of companies devoted to organizing, decluttering, and beautifying home environments. California Closets was one of the resources recommended in the article, and I'm always drawn to their showroom whenever I visit The Somerset Collection (an upscale shopping mall located just a few miles from where I work). California Closets sell a beautiful product, but I had no idea that the starting price for a full walk-in closet (with island) is $10,000. Imagine that, ten thousand dollars spent on furniture to store clothes and shoes and whatever else people put in their closets. Then contrast that with this, the Tumbleweed House, and tell me who is really living "a life uncluttered."
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User: jebra
Date: 2006-04-12 19:58 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
It kind of makes me want to spend Saturday getting rid of stuff around here.
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