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Last night's CSI...

was lots of fun. I was delighted to see Lady Heather again and while I'm not so sure about the whole "pretending to be a cat" thing (particularly as regards encouraging her client to do), I was furious on her behalf at the folks in the episode who looked upon her with disdain because she'd been a professional dominatrix. As if having been one somehow prevented her from ever being right about anything ever again.

It was neat having Dr. Ray meet her. And Sara's reaction upon seeing her again, bit of jealousy there, girl?

I hope we get to see lots of Lady Heather (or as we now know her, Dr. Kessler) in future episodes and that she works with Dr. Ray on his demons, both inside himself and serial killer Nate Haskell's obsession with him. Although I hope the writers don't go down the road of having Haskell target Heather. That's (a) too predictable and (b) I don't want to see her in mortal danger (again).

To wrap this post up, the dentist/human-animal keeper was somewhat creepy but I continue to be amused with his "I don't sleep with my pets!" From the way he responded, I think he sees his pets as real animals and bestiality isn't something that appeals to him sexually. Interesting take, that.

This morning I spent a few minutes wondering if I'd enjoy pretending to be a cat for a while (no having to work for a living! no responsibilities! lots of naps!) but almost as soon as I thought these things it occurred to me that cat's don't knit and being one would cut into my knitting time. This would obviously never do.

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