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Random half-formed thoughts

I saw an episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive last night. One of the people featured was a woman who shopped in order to lessen feeling anxious. I know hoarding is often associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), but in this case I could actually see how the two fit together. I then realized knitting helps me squash feelings of anxiety, which explains why I can handle being in crowds and unfamiliar situations a heck of a lot better when I have my knitting with me. And why I'd much rather knit than deal with the piles of stuff filling my own home.

I haven't managed to identify what I've come to think of as the underlying sekret message in this week's L&O:SVU. For one thing, I'm still thinking about last week's episode. That one began with a guy stabbed outside of a sex club and, as the episode develops, we see that people who swing are bad people -- con-artists, murderers, and people so sick they will have sex with their own blood relatives. Naturally, the only culturally allowable sex should be vanilla sex with your legally wed spouse. Anything else is sick or will lead to disaster. Although the episode didn't have anything to do with homosexuality, I think it's safe to expand that to "legally wed opposite-sex spouse." *sigh*

One thing I do remember about this week's episode is Stabler remarking about how in the many years they (Benson and Stabler) have been SVU detectives there have been very few women rapists and therefore it was highly unlikely the current perp was a woman. This is true, that statistically women rapists are rare, but the comment reminded me that Stabler and Benson have been doing this work for far too long -- I think back to the very first season, in which the detectives are sent for psychological check-ups to make sure they were fit for the job, and think both Benson and Stabler would fail were they to be tested now.

On an unrelated note, one of my half-brothers is on the verge of losing his house. He signed the purchase agreement two years ago and since then has made exactly one house-payment. This irks me to no end -- my truck-driver brother sees himself as a devout Christian and yet there he stays, making excuses rather than payments. Excuses include "I had to quit my job because my employer was making me drive for longer periods of time than is allowable by law," "I spent so much on gas money commuting to my job that there wasn't any money left over to pay the mortgage," and "I spent that paycheck moving my daughter home to Michigan/providing a nice Christmas for my grandkids/paying for car repair/paying my son's bail." My brother is currently interviewing for a new job, but the new place is 72 miles from his home, so once again he'll be spending a huge percentage of his income on fuel. And his live-in girlfriend is on the verge of losing her house -- she had renters, put it up for sale, thought she found a buyer and evicted the renters, only to have the sale fall through. So now she has no renters and no income with which to make the mortgage payments. I feel worse for her than I do my brother -- probably because her actions do not scream hypocrite.

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